Employee Spotlight - Jack Evangelides

Employee Spotlight - Jack Evangelides

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Name: Jack Evangelides 
Position: Marketing Executive

Q: What position do you hold in the company and how long have you worked for Cedar Rose? 
A: I am currently a Marketing Executive at Cedar Rose. I have officially been employed in this position since the 1st of January 2020. However, the employment opportunity that I currently hold is the result of a 3-month internship, in which I worked as a Social Media Copywriter and a Marketing Assistant, a title I held from December 2018 until January 2020. 

Q: What do you love about your job? 
A: I love the continuous amount of learning, each and every day, whether it is about the company or the techniques I use to carry out my duties. Working in the business intelligence sector provides many fields of learning and allows me to constantly improve myself. Furthermore, programming is a passion of mine and the fact that I have responsibilities in that line of work makes me love my job all the more.

Q: When you hang your hat on Monday morning, what does your day consist of? 
A: After the introductory greetings and the much needed morning coffee, I like to begin with researching any new and trending global topics that could be of great potential for Cedar Rose. Once I find something of interest I begin to write an article on it that will be Search Engine Optimised and published. The second half of my day consists of programming to aid the software development team. This is something I really enjoy and it allows me to expand my skillset. I try help with fixing small bugs that occur and with the design of new initiatives. 

Q: What drives you to be successful in the workplace? 
A:  In any job I like to thrive, I want to show people what I am capable of and, in turn, reap the rewards of success. Motivation is very important and the Marketing field helps me stay motivated through the consistently new forms of information that arise every day across the globe. Success always seems like inevitability when failure acts as a means to an end. It is impossible to be successful without some form of failure; they act in synchronisation such as Yin and Yang. 

Q: What achievements are you most proud of in work?
A: Apart from being the most charming in the office (which I branded myself) I think it would have to be the completion of my internship. An internship is no guarantee of full-time employment and I took on the role of Social Media Copywriter with little experience in Marketing and a basic understanding of the business intelligence sector. Therefore, to be able to thrive throughout the internship and grasp the necessary 'know-how' for the job is a great personal achievement of mine. 

Q: What achievements are you most proud of outside of work? 
A: I am very proud of the fact that I create websites for SMEs, it`s something that I thoroughly enjoy doing and it helps me with my responsibilities at Cedar Rose. Additionally I am proud of the fact that I completed university, while living away from my family and having to work 3 nights a week at the university nightclub. I graduated with a degree in Philosophy and Politics. 

Q: What do you love to do outside of work? 
A:  A passion of mine, ever since I can remember, is football. I love to play football, where I play twice-a-week, I love to watch football and I love to debate about football, it is a world in which I divulge myself. Additionally, I am an epistemological enthusiast, knowledge, rationality and reason are three things that I am amazed by and enjoy learning. I am a big believer of self-teaching and whether it`s a new language or a skillset (such as programming) I try my best to teach myself and enjoy every moment of it. 

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