Remain Compliant with Meticulous Background Screening

Cedar Rose’s meticulous investigative due diligence will protect your company from associations with known criminals, terrorists, sanctioned individuals, convicted or suspected money launderers or those with an undesirable or dishonest past, bad local reputation or adverse media. We now offer global coverage for many due diligence investigations, reports and professional background screening services; though Cedar Rose are undoubtedly the recognised experts for the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Importantly, we comply with international laws such as the Anti Bribery Act and FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), so that our clients can be confident that in engaging Cedar Rose for their due diligence investigations, they will remain compliant too.


Our multilingual research teams – with over 20 years of experience behind them – have a network of tried, tested and trusted compliant local connections and resources in the field, able to conduct “boots on the ground” investigations. Trusted by global brand names, banks, auditors, governments, investors, journalists, and our peers within the business intelligence industry, Cedar Rose helps to prevent money laundering, financing of terrorism, illegal arms trading, child labour, people trafficking, corruption and bribery. Our clients trust us to conduct investigations discreetly and compliantly, adhering strictly to global anti-bribery laws and anti-corruption legislation, so if the information you want is not legally available, we will advise you.